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Flute Lessons

I believe that music lessons must be both eduactional and fun and should to be tailored to each childs needs. 


For young beginners I start with the Suzuki Method. This is an excellent start to the flute. Its a wonderful philosophy, also called the Mother Tongue Approach. Music is a language and just like any language we learn through imitation and listening in the very beginning. This is not to say that reading music is not important, it is, but the child learns to get used to the instrument and producing a good and comfortable sound on the flute before reading is required. There are many physical things to master first, holding the flute, breathing, fingering and tonguing just to name a few. Reading is introduced soon after. The other wonderful thing is that the parent is involved and supports the child at home. Children can start as young as 4. There are several options for flutes for the very young child including the Prodigy Flute and the new GUO flutes which are designed for little hands and fingers.











Once the student's hands are big enough they move to a regular flute with a curved headjoint, then whe ready will move to the regular straight headjoint, usually between 8 and 10.


I have many students who wish to take Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) exams and/or participate in Music Festivals which can be wonderful experiences for them. I also prepare students for University music degree auditions.


Group lessons are encouraged for every student to augment their private lessons. Please go to the "GROUP" page to read more about it.


lessons for a beginner are ususally 30 minutes and move up from there. I offer 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute lessons. Please contact me for my fee rate and availablity. I look forward to hearing from you!






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