Theory is an important component of a musical education. Every time a student learns to read a note, finds out the definition of an Italian term or figures out a key signature they are learning Theory.


Theory is, essentially, the grammar of music.


I teach all levels of Theory from Basic to Advanced, Harmony, and Counterpoint. I teach Theory in my flute students lessons and indeed, if they are interested in doing the RCM Flute examinations then there are theory co- requisites as you go up the grades. I also teach Music History which, together with Theory, complements a full Musical education.


 I have private Theory students, some that other teachers have sent to me, and I will run group Theory and/or History classes including semi-private classes as needed.


Please contact me for more information, I look forward to hearing from you!


Theory in a Nutshell


I have found that parents are often at a loss to help their child with Theory. Some parents learned it as kids, but have forgotten much of it and need a refresher. Some parents have no musical background.


With that in mind, I began to work on a book that would explain basic Music Theory concepts in plain English.  I also included quite a few pages of basic Music History.  I wanted to create something that was not out there as a resource already. Most theory books are either a workbook with pages of exercises, or are academic with fancy language and expect the reader to have a working knowledge of theory already.


                                                     This book became “ Music Theory in a Nutshell”


For a donation of $12 CD I will send you the PDF version of the book, if you want snail mail and a "real copy"  postage will be added. Please email me if you want a copy of this book with your details before donating.

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