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       Camp Caprice Online Music Camp

July 13-17 2020

Our camp was a great success and here is a play I wrote that three of my students presented on the last afternoon of camp! Well done! Enjoy!

Theory in a Nutshell YouTube videos

I am now recording "Theory in a  Nutshell " videos to help students with their theory work. I fond that many kids understand things in their lesson but when it comes tome to do theor theory homeowrk they have forgotten some (or all) of what was covered in the lesson. Although I am following the RCM curriculum, theory is theory and the viseos are for anyMusicTheory student Here are the link to my Youtube channel. I have started with basic concepts. Stay tuned for more!

            Spring Recital 2019

Such wonderful performances! here is a link to Bohemian Rhapsody performed by the OSFO (advanced group)


Winter Recital and Christmas Concert

What beautiful music we made!


               Spring Recital 2018

A wonderful night of beautiful music and wonderful playing! Well done everyone!   

RCM Summer Summit 2016

       I spent this past weekend at the RCM Summer Summit where they introduced the new theory cirriculum and books! I am impressed that they added an elemant of Music History from the beginning. I have long felt that it was important to bring music history to the student because music does not exist in a vacuum!

      There were some very excellent speakers and interactive sessions. It was wonderful being around so many music teachers and shating our thoughts and stories.  

       I am very glad to have had a first hand look at the new theory Syllabus and hear from those who created it, the background of, and the hopes for this new curriculum. The last session was a truly fun experience with singing, drums and rhythm instruments. Here is a pic of the last session, I am on the left!

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