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Learning about Music History is an important part of ones music journey.


It helps the student understand the music they are playing better by understanding about the composers and their lives, the music they wrote in its historical context including what life was like, what instruments were like at that time ,( for example flutes were once only made from wood and didn't have the same number of keys and that impacted how the composer wrote for the instrument) what the genres and forms were that the composers used. It all helps create a more rounded musical experience.


I teach RCM History and that is one way to learn more about music history and it is a co requisite for RCM practical exams levels 9, 10 and ARCT but students do well to know history earlier in their journeys and to that end I have been giving online Music History talks geared to children and others geared towards adults.

***As an outlet for my passion to learn new things and for music history I have launched a Patreon page where I will discuss composers, eras, genres and more as well as share some of my music by playing pieces by the composers (etc) that I discuss.

To check it out and perhaps become a patron here is a link

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