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New! I now have a Patreon page to share my passion for Music History! Check it out if you are interested!

Here I am playing all the parts if a lovely arrangement of Beethoven's Allegretto from his 7th Symphony

It was fun to record, I used Cyborg Llama, a great new platform that came about because of Covid

This past year has been both difficult and enlightening.


Going online was difficult and I will be ever so happy to be in person again! The enlightening part was all the technology I learned to use, Zoom and Cyborg Llama , for example. I learned about microphones and other tech and I started to do online Music History talks for both kids and adults. 

As much as in person lessons are the way to go and much better than online I know that there is a place for online lessons. For example, if the weather is terrible then we can do that weeks lesson online rather than reschedule or miss it. For students in remote areas online lessons may be their only choice and now we, as teachers, have the tools to teach them. And for something like Music History talks it can work well as I don't need a venue and there is no travel involved. Watch my Music History page for more information about my talks in the coming weeks.

As far as my students go, this last year has been a challenge but all of them have made strides in their playing and they have done well. I applaud their efforts and eagerly await the time we can be back in person!

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